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A language designer’s environment

To make the methodology “from denotations to syntax” practical, and to perform some preliminary experiments with it, one has to create some software tools supporting the work of language designers. In my opinion, such tools should contain the following modules:

  1. An editor of the definitions of denotations’ constructors.
  2. A generator of the grammar of abstract syntax from such definitions.
  3. An editor supporting language designers in developing concrete-syntax grammar from abstract-syntax grammars.
  4. An editor/generator of a transformation restoring colloquial syntax to abstract syntax.
  5. A generator of a parser from colloquial syntax to abstract syntax.
  6. A generator of an interpreter of the language from the definitions of denotational constructors.

If such an environment is created before Lingua-α, it could be used in the creation of that language. On the other hand, if the language comes first, it could be used in the development of the environment.